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_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Warranty Policies

Warranty Policies

Products for personal use do not have a guarantee of any kind, for reasons of hygiene and biosecurity for both our clients and our work team.


Understand, Lingerie, Electronic Toys, Non-Electronic Toys, Oils, Lubricants, among others.


At Sodoma we take the quality of the products we sell very seriously, therefore, every product that is sent or dispatched from our store will be subjected to an exhaustive review by our dispatch team.

Electronic Products: They will be tested and reviewed before being packed and shipped, we will test their functions, their charge if they are rechargeable, and their physical condition. Once verified, we will seal the box of your product with a security seal that will indicate the date of the last test and revision carried out.


Non-Electronic Products:  These products are visually verified, that is, our dispatch team will verify that the product does not have physical imperfections of any kind, before being sent or dispatched.

Lubricants, Gels, Stimulants, Among Others:  We verify expiration, that they are sealed and that they do not show deterioration due to storage.

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